Terms and Conditions of Sale

1 Validity of General Terms and Conditions of Sale

1.1 The General Terms and Conditions of Sale are valid between HOMEFASHION.ee e-shop clients (hereinafter Client) and HOMEFASHION.ee owner Nictara Kaubanduse Ltd. (hereinafter HOMEFASHION.ee) regarding the legal relationships created between the two when purchasing goods.

1.2 The General Terms and Conditions may not be in contravention of legal provisions valid in the Republic of Estonia and, if necessary (in the case of disputes or lack of information), are supplemented with the given provisions.

1.3 In addition to the current General Terms and Conditions, the relations between the Client and HOMEFASHION.ee are regulated by the price list and developed good practices.

1.4 HOMEFASHION.ee reserves the right to unilaterally amend these terms and conditions and the price list, for the purpose of supplementing its effectiveness, competitiveness, continued development, service and assortment of goods or reorganisation. Changes and supplements to the terms and conditions and the price list enter into force at the moment the designated information appears on the page www.homefashion.ee. If the Client communicated their order prior to the entry into effect of the changes to the terms and conditions, then the terms and conditions valid at the time the order was communicated shall apply for the Client, except if the law or these terms and conditions prescribe otherwise.

1.5 HOMEFASHION.ee and the Client wish to trade on the HOMEFASHION.ee webpage www.homefashion.ee under the terms and conditions prescribed herein. By formalising an order and executing payment in the HOMEFASHION.ee e-shop, the Client confirms that he/she has reviewed the conditions of sale and is in agreement.

2 HOMEFASHION.ee price list

2.1 The prices of products sold in the HOMEFASHION.ee e-shop are listed in EUR, exclude postage, and include 20% value added tax.

2.2 The cost for the delivery of goods depends on the quantity of goods and the destination within the borders of the DHL Express price, International Post.

2.3 HOMEFASHION.ee reserves the right to adjust prices. If the Client communicated their order prior to the entry into effect of price changes, then the price that was reflected on the invoice at the moment that the order was formalised shall be valid for the Client.

3 Shopping basket and formalising an order

3.1 The Client’s shopping basket will be created at the moment which he/she has clicked on the link “Add to Shopping Basket,” after which it is possible to continue browsing products or to begin ordering.

3.2 The number, quantity and product characteristics of goods in the shopping basket can be viewed and if necessary changed by clicking on the link “Shopping Basket”

3.3 To formalise the order, the Client clicks on the link “Formalise Order,” where the Client must enter the required data in order that we are able to contact the Client if necessary and to issue the invoice.

3.4 If the Client wishes to send the goods to a different address, a corresponding notice must be sent via e-mail to the address home@homefashio.ee.

3.5 The trouble-free delivery of the product ordered and any possible additional costs depends upon the correctness and accuracy of data submitted by the Client To formalise the order, press the button “Forward”

3.6 The Client selects the most suitable delivery method.

3.7 Having controlled the accuracy of the data, the order is confirmed by pressing the button “Send Order”

3.8 The contract of sale is deemed to have been concluded when the Client has transferred the sum due for payment into the bank account of Nictara Kaubanduse Ltd.

4 Methods of payment

4.1 You can pay for you order via PayPal and an Internet bank by using the credit or debit cards.

Internet card payment (Visa, MasterCard). Nictara Kaubanduse Ltd. is responsible for procesising personal data and forwards the personal data necessary for making payments to the authorized processor MAKSEKESKUS. When the system requests the card data, the SSL, MasterCard SecureCode, Verified by Visa will be used, ensuring that the exchanged information cannot be copied or altered by unauthorised persons.

After an order has been placed and choose the MAKESEKSUS bank link payment method, a client is automatically directed to the payment page of MAKSEKESKUS Gateway interface, where he shall insert his card data. 

4.2 An order confirmation notice is sent automatically to the e-mail provided by the Client. The invoice can be reviewed and if necessary printed out from the homepage after the confirmation the order on the opening page. Marked on the invoice is the Client’s contact information, the goods ordered by the Client together with data and prices and HOMEFASHION.ee’s legal data and bank account number.

5 Delivery and transfer of products. Worldwide shipping.

5.1 After the entry into force of the Contract, pursuant to clause 3.8 of the terms and conditions and on the prerequisite that clause 1.5 has been fulfilled, the products will be delivered to the Client via the International companies DHL and DPD.

5.2 All relevant delivery options available for your order and to your destination will be displayed at checkout. They shall deliver the package to the recipient address on order.


6 Cancelling the order, return and exchange of the product

6.1 HOMEFASHION.ee has the right to cancel the Client’s order in the event that the invoice has not been paid within 24 hours.

6.2 If the goods are unsuitable or do not conform to the Client’s expectations, he/she has the right to return the goods within 14 working days as of the receipt of the goods. Returned items shall be undamaged, unused, with tags and in the original packaging. Money for the returned goods, includes transport costs, shall be refunded to the Client’s bank account no later than 14 working days as of the receipt of the goods by HOMEFASHION.ee and after the submission of a corresponding petition to the e-mail address home@homefashion.ee. The costs for returning the goods will be borne by the seller.


6.3 If you would like to exchange an item, you will need to return the original item and then place a new order. You will receive a refund for the original item, excluding the original cost of shipping, according to our returns policy.

6.4 Not subject to refund are the sums paid for delivery.

6.5 If the product being returned has deteriorated or deterioration has been caused by circumstances which are not the fault of HOMEFASHION.ee and as a result of the product’s abnormal use, HOMEFASHION.ee has the right to net off the reduction in the product’s value from the sum paid by the Client for the product and the sum subject to refund to the Client.

7 Guarantee and the returning of products failing to meet requirements

7.1 HOMEFASHION.ee is not responsible for: - the deterioration/damaging of the product due to the fault of the Client; - a defect which has arisen as a result of the irregular use and maintenance of the product; - the natural, physical wearing of the product as a result of its normal use.

8 Liability and force majeure

8.1 HOMEFASHION.ee is liable before the Client for damage caused as a result of the violation of these terms and conditions by HOMEFASHION.ee in the instances and to the extent prescribed in valid Estonia legislation.

8.2 The Client is liable to HOMEFASHION.ee for damage caused as a result of the violation of these terms and conditions in the instances and to the extent prescribed in valid of Estonia legislation.

8.3 Neither party is liable before the other party and their actions shall not be considered to be a violation of these terms and conditions regardless of the delay in performance or the failure to perform their obligations, if the reason for the designated delay or failure to perform is not controlled (force majeure) by the designated parties.

8.4 HOMEFASHION.ee shall not compensate for moral damage, which may be incurred by the Client due to the changing of delivery dates, prices and other conditions within the framework of the current terms and conditions.

8.5 A guarantee shall not apply to discounted goods and discounted goods shall not be bought back.

9 Other terms and conditions

9.1 HOMEFASHION.ee only uses the information to complete the Customer’s order. HOMEFASHION.ee does not disclose information to third parties that it has received during the execution of orders, except when stipulated by law.

9.2 HOMEFASHION.ee reserves the right to send the Client information from time to time on new products, campaigns and special offers. The Client has the right to demand the deletion of his/her data from the HOMEFASHION.ee database.

9.3 Regarding questions not regulated by the current terms and conditions, the Client and HOMEFASHION.ee shall adhere to valid Republic of Estonia legislation and other legal instruments regulating relations between the Parties.

9.4 Dissenting views and disputes arising from the performance of these terms and conditions shall be resolved, above all, through negotiations. In the event of a failure to settle the disputes arising from the Contract through negotiations between the Parties, the Client as well as HOMEFASHION.ee shall have the right to turn, for the protection of their rights, to the Consumer Protection Board or Court.

10 Additional information

10.1 If the Client has any questions regarding the products sold by Nictara Kaubanduse Ltd. HOMEFASHION, Kalaranna 8/4, Tallinn, Estland, contact us by writing to the e-mail info@homefashion.ee.